Payment Gateway Security Key For Tech Support Quickr

One of the most important questions in your mind is that when you set up your business online. What online options should you give to customer? How much online payment secure? Should you ask customer credit card saved details to do faster payment checkout? Should you believe in online payment service providers? Well you need not to worry because it’s not as scarier as you think.

Major parts of online transactions can be done through online payment gateways. Main goal of these gateways to secure customers card numbers! In India payment gateway follow PCIDSS Level 1 Standard which prescribes high-quality security to a merchant like propaysolutions and consumer from their fraudulent transactions. Some steps which ensure your security such as:

  • card tokenisation,
  • OAuth standards,
  • secret key and signature generation.

It also used In House Risk Management System which monitors and alert for any fraudulent transaction.

Payment gateway for tech support quickr is essential part of e-commerce transaction. Customer enters his personal details when they are doing any online transactions. But this rapid growing of online payment many threats also available like phishing, data security breaches, malware, spyware and hacking. So customer should use online payment gateway which fulfil his entire requirement and also provide him security and privacy both.

Authentication means verifying the identity of parties which involve in online transaction. It’s a mutual authentication between payment gateway and involved parties.

Securities are almost for the customers. There are many techniques available and used to enhance the security of payment gateways.

Data Encryption: Main security method used in payment gateway is data encryption. When a customer enter his payment information like credit card and debit card details then payment gateways protect them from different network attackers. It a key value between merchant and customer. After get his details Payment gateway for tech support quickr encrypt that information use payment gateway’s public key. This can be decrypted through payment gateway private key. The security of this process depends upon the secrecy of these keys. This will secure this encrypted data from unauthorised parties.

  • Data field encryption: It is also called end to end encryption. It prevents the sensitive data at time of entry by using the industry standard encryption. Only authorised parties can decrypt the data.
  • Cryptography: Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
  • Symmetric cryptography: Same key used in encryption and decryption both. It like key and lock. A cryptographic key unlock the credit card information.
  • Asymmetric cryptography: Two different key used in encryption and decryption. It’s like an electronic lock any safe. One is public key other is private key. Public key used for encryption and private key used for decryption. These keys shared between parties need to updated periodically which help to provide more secure service.
  • Secure sockets layer: It is a secure network protocol which is used in web browser and servers. SSL used in payment gateway to secure service between merchant and customer.

There are many protocol used under this but let’s see main two protocol

  • SSL Record protocol: it is used to encapsulate the data with its higher level of protocol
  • SSL handshake protocol: it also used to authenticate the client and server.

Higher level of protocol can built more transparency. So, most of the payment pathways used this protocol to transfer data between different parties to make it more secure.