Financing A New Home In Atlanta May Be More Simple

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The large amount of foreclosures over the past few years definitely put a dent in new home sales. In the past few months however, we have seen a rise in new home sales. Recently, the National Association of Homebuilders reported a slight recovery after years of decline in new home sales in Atlanta. Over the past years, the Commerce Department also reported the overall jump to be as high as 

The Right Picture Can Sell Your Home Faster

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When choosing a picture to use to represent your home for sale in Atlanta, you  have to consider how it will look amongst the competition. Selecting the right picture could make the difference between putting a sold sign in front of your home or continuing to wait for a buyer. The right picture will justify your asking price whereas an unattractive snapshot will make sure that your home is overlooked.

Advantages Of Hiring Rental Property Managers

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The stage is currently being set for a boom in the investment properties being purchased once again. Consistent growth in the economy, the current interest rates, and the amazing deals available makes buying investment properties right now almost irresistible for real estate investors. The growth in the amount of great deals available does not appear that it will dwindle anytime soon. Despite the influx of local Atlanta real estate investors

Top 10 Things to Do Before Selling Your Property

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These days selling your home can be a tough proposition, with our communities wrecked with foreclosures it can be difficult to sell in this market. If you have been looking at the figures and the average length a home sits on the market these days, and are wondering how you can expedite the sale, here are ten tips too increase your chances for a speedy sale. Curb Appeal You will

How To Market Luxury Homes Internationally

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Several years ago the prospect of selling your luxury home in Atlanta to someone in a foreign county would of seemed very unlikely. Not only has the way a luxury home is marketed has changed, Atlanta has also gone through its owns transformation.  These days, tapping into an international market makes a lot of sense especially with the growth of the internet. Okay let say you are considering marketing to

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